Koordinatör Mesajı

Erasmus+ is a life changing experience, worth to be tried by every student. As Institutional Coordinator of the International Relations Office, I can assure you that our staff is doing all their best in order to support student and staff mobilities.

When it comes to Outgoing Students either for Learning Mobilities or Placements, we try to adopt every year new strategies in order to enlarge the number of students who can benefit from the programme. That is why, in the last two years, our university increased the number of Bilateral Agreements, providing more available places and options for those interested in such mobilities. The Erasmus+ experience is important for the academic and administrative staff a well. Our aim is to select among the staff who did not have the chance to experiment a mobility before. We consider that this type of practices will support the modernisation process and will improve the quality of the teaching or working skills.

In the last two years we managed to maintain an increasing number of Incoming Students and Staff. We considered that because of our open-minded attitude and interest showed to every participant we managed to gain the appreciation of our partners, colleagues and foreign students. As International Affairs Office representative, our team will continuously improve the quality of our services and we will always support the good exchange practices.

Thank you for your interest in our university!

Prof.Dr. Sedat SÜNTER

International Affairs Institutional Coordinator